Indian Silicon Valley – What not to do as a freelancer?

28 February

Indian Silicon Valley – What not to do as a freelancer?

Freelancing has seen a tremendous hike in the previous decade and it is climbing new heights with every passing minute. Moreover, it has become quite easy to enter freelancing business, however, most people, due to lack of proper guidance, end up their freelancing career without even earning from there. Rather, they end up breaking their own bank. We, at Indian Silicon Valley are at the rescue of such budding freelancers as we provide an easy platform for them to showcase their skills and attract potential job providers.

But before we discuss how to grab the best career opportunity, let’s dive in the things that you should never do as a freelancer.

  1. Avoid spam generating content

You must have seen infuriating comments on social media like Facebook, who showcase their services like they are throwing advertisement pamphlets in your house along with the newspaper. You should never practice such publicizing procedures and become that sore in the eyes of people. This is only going to increase your spam count and who knows your account is blocked. Adding to that, even your potential customer would not like to be contacted like that.

  1. Never undermine your value

You should never ever work for a price which is far too less than what you are actually working for. At first, you may believe that asking for lower price will pull the client to your court, however, after few instances, demotivation will begin to howl over your mind as you begin calculating your per hour output. We have to understand that entering into freelancing is not that big of a deal; it is staying and surviving over here. Sometimes there are minor hiccups and sometimes there is a major set-back, but you can only survive if you are fully motivated and that is the monetary gains that you will receive in the end. Indian Silicon Valley is one such opportunity provider who values the potential of its freelancing associates and helps them get the best value of their services without charging any commission.

  1. Do not aim for what you cannot deliver

Industrial job providers seek for freelancers because they find experts suitable for their project. Being a freelancer, you have a limitation of working alone. You should never commit to something that you cannot plate it on for your client. Same goes for the time when you choose social media platforms for showcasing your skills. You may believe that hitting the maximum platforms will bring you maximum outreach to your clients. Think again. If you want to be seen then you need to focus on limited platforms in the beginning before you start achieving those goals that you have in mind. Only after you maintained a certain audience on those sites, then begin with other platforms.

We hope that you found these What Not’s in Freelancing Tips handy. For more queries, get in touch with our team at Indian Silicon Valley and start earning.

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